Battle Of Britain 2017
Posted by Billy Henderson on September 25 2017 08:08:59
The 2nd ever Raeburn International Shield took place on Saturday 25th March 2017 in the George Scott Snooker Club in Liverpool. The final was once again to be contested by Liverpool and the West of Scotland to decide who would be crowned county champions of Britain.

Extended News
We firstly got paraded out into the front car park of the venue with a Scottish Piper playing for both sides. A speech was given by the mayor of Liverpool before a ball was struck. All of this organised by our very own Tam Moran who once again never left a single stone unturned. Thanks again Tam from the West Of Scotland Snooker League. You are the best at what you do and we are very fortunate to have you in our corner. Thanks again.

The setup in this venue was absolute first class and the tables were awesome. When we first walked in there was a part of the club with around a dozen snooker tables which were filled with kids playing snooker. Its been a very long time since Ive seen this and its clear to me why Liverpool have so many talented players. We should definitely take a leaf out of their book if we are to grow the game in Scotland again. It starts at the grassroots no doubt and steps have to be taken to resurrect the talent that Scotland have been used to producing in the past.

Onto the match......The standard of this Merseyside team was absolutely incredible and on a completely different level from us once again but the experience was unbelievable just like the last time. Not only that but the professionalism of these guys was also on a completely different level from us. You could hear a pin drop in the place as they potted ball after ball and won frame after frame. After last years 50 v 10 defeat we knew we would be up against it from the start considering this was apparently a much stronger side than last time. It proved to be the case. Under the circumstances our aim was to win more frames than the last match and although an extra session was added onto the match we managed to win 11 frames this time. The final match score was 61 frames to 11.

To put things into perspective, these guys have a multitude of players to pick from and eat, sleep and breathe snooker on a daily basis. We have 20 or so players playing to a level that we can barely compete with them. The whole structure is fantastic down there and until we have a similar setup right across the board in Scotland we will lag behind these guys. They are nothing short of amazing and it was a privilege to be on the same table as them.

A final note to our team. We came and gave it our best and everyone played their part in an amazing day. We all competed well on the day and if anyone didnt win any frames they certainly came close only to be pipped at the end by there superior class. A final mention to our most valuable player on the day which was no surprise. Campbell Dunlop was absolutely immense on the day and won the majority of his frames. The guy is an absolute machine and I for one am privileged to have him in our team and league. Well done Campbell. Also a well done to Christian Gibson who ended up helping us out due to a late call off and who ended up hitting our highest break of the day with an amazing 68 break. Well done Christian. To all of our team a very massive great effort.

West Of Scotland Squad ( Current Scottish Champions )

1. Billy Henderson - Captain
2. Campbell Dunlop
3. Allan Duffy
4. Niven Adams
5. Sandy Lorimer
6. Ian Craig
7. Alan Stewart
8. Jim Harris
9. Martin Craig
10. Billy Brown
11. Graeme Dick
12. Christian Gibson

Well Done guys.